I have looked at your softwares and would like to add additional features. Is this possible?

Yes. We will be more than happy to discuss your goals and modify
any of our applications and tailor it to your business model.

Can I try out your products before I purchase them?

Yes. We can give you our software products with  a 30 day evaluation period.

What type of technical support do you provide for your softwares ?

What type of technical support do you provide for products that
have been customized or developed for my business?

For the first 30 days, technical support is free. Afterwards we charge on a per-incident basis or you can join our product maintenance plan.

What is the difference between the per-incident and product maintenance plan?

After the 30 days of free technical support has expired, any technical support is billed  per incident. If it takes ten hours or ten days you will not be billed until the issue is resolved.

Our product maintenance plan includes 28 hours of free technical support.
 This includes phone, email, instant messages, training and programming. After the 28 hours have expired you have the option to renew your maintenance plan.

How quickly can you start on my project?

After we are absolutely sure of the scope of work and we have agreed as to what is expected, we will provide you with a written proposal signed and dated. Return it back to our attention signed and dated as well and will begin on your project right away.

What is Software billing policy?

We typically bill on a per module  basis. The Project is divided into modules.If the project is of four modules equally divided (25% each). For example, if a project costs Rs. 20000/-or $2000, then the following payments can be expected:

  Module 1 = Rs.5000 or $500 to initiate the contract and begin work
. Module 2 = Rs.5000 or $500 after phase 2 is completed
. Module 3 = Rs.5000 or $500 after phase 3 is completed
. Module 4 = Rs. 5000 or $500 after project completion


I need custom software developed. How do I get started using your services?

There are several methods. You can call us at 9825473186  and speak to us, or  you can email us at info@cnexus.net,



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